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Sewing 4 Kids
A  Few Simple Rules

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend time with your children and help them to develop their sewing and creative talents. I know how precious your children are to you and I greatly respect the confidence you are placing with me.



Regular attendance is a MUST in order to succeed in sewing. All students are expected to arrive on time, ready to sew.


Students are expected to listen attentively and behave appropriately during class.


Tuition for the month must be paid (in full) 30 days prior to the start of the first class. Payments can be made by check or in cash. Failure to pay for tuition before the first class will result in your child not being able to participate until payment is made. Class tuition is based on the month. These fees reflect a monthly tuition charged for a reserved lesson time each week. If your child is absent from his/her regularly scheduled lesson there will be no deductions made from the monthly tuition. Full payment is expected.


Students should remember to bring their sewing bags to class each time. It contains all materials needed for class!

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